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22/05/2016 The Glenturret Launch New Limited Edition Malt

The Glenturret’s new limited edition malt celebrates century old “tail” of 16 men and a dog Glenturret Distillery have launched its latest limited edition malt whisky celebrating a unique 'tail' in the brand's 240 year heritage… of 16 men and a dog.

A photo, unearthed from the back of a cupboard at Scotland’s oldest working whisky distillery earlier this year, dating from 1905 and featuring 16 stillmen, along with a collie dog believed to be the distillery manager’s dog at the time, has provided the inspiration for the bottling and the iconic image will also take pride of place on Fly’s 16 Masters Edition label. The 16 stillmen formed the backbone to Glenturret Distillery and the dog, Fly, belonged to the distillery manager who lived in a house on the distillery premises in Crieff, Perthshire.

When the group was snapped all those years ago, little would those 16 stillmen have known that, more than a century later, it would inspire their fellow distillers to launch a limited edition bottling in their name.

Glenturret prides itself on its original, artisanal whisky making, and the fact that mashing is still done by hand – exactly as it would have been done in 1905. The year 1905 is also significant because it was the year that the first legal definition of whisky was declared by a magistrate’s court in London.

The distillery dog, however, is a new addition to the distillery’s heritage which has mostly been associated with cats – Towser the Cat in particular, Glenturret Distillery’s world famous mouser and holder of the Guinness World Record for the most mice caught in her working lifetime. The distillery is now home to two resident moggies, Glen and Turret, who roam freely amongst the tens of thousands of visitors to come to Glenturret Distillery every year.

The Glenturret Fly’s 16 Masters Edition, which will go on sale to the general public on World Whisky Day, May 21 st , is a 16-year- old single malt that is truly a collectors’ edition and is expected to honour its namesake and “fly” off the shelves. Only 1,740 bottles will be available priced at £95 each. Pre-order will open on 16 th May. Whisky lovers who have signed up to The Glenturret mailing will also have the exclusive opportunity to purchase bottles with the following special numbers for £130 each: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 5, 8, 16, 18, 21 and 240.

With a taste of fruit and mocha coffee and a sun-kissed appearance, Fly’s 16 Masters is the latest in a line of highly collectible whisky releases from the 240-year- old Glenturret brand.

With interest high in the brand and Whisky Month in full swing throughout this month, the latest bottling is expected to be snapped up quickly by whisky collectors. Other recent bottlings, such as the The James Fairlie Edition, commemorating the man who re- established Glenturret Distillery as an operational producer in the 1950s, and The Brock Malloy, two stillmen who worked at the distillery in the 1980s, have sold out. In the case of The James Fairlie Edition, the Scotch sold out in a matter of hours.

Stuart Cassells, the driving force behind Glenturret Distillery’s return to the limelight which has included the establishment of the brand’s core range of three malts as well as the series of popular limited edition releases, commented:

“1905 was a momentous year. Albert Einstein first set out his theory of relativity and Arthur Conan Dolyle first published The Return of Sherlock Holmes. The same year, we saw a London magistrate’s court saying that whisky ‘should consist of spirit distilled in a pot still derived from malted barley – a momentous occasion for the industry.’

“Closer to home, our 16 stillmen were captured for prosperity in this photo, found by chance at the back of a cupboard and now hanging proudly on our walls at the distillery. We think Fly’s 16 Masters Edition encapsulates not only the spirit of whisky but the spirit of The Glenturret’s hand-made heritage. We’re looking forward to seeing the bottles ‘fly’ off the shelves accordingly!”

The Glenturret Fly’s Masters Edition Official Tasting Notes:

Warm in your belly sun kissed amber hue
Nose: Lightly perfumed, citric, newly cut flowers, hints of marzipan, old leather, popcorn
Palate: Long and lingering, mature fruit notes, black cherries, mocha coffee maybe even espresso
Finish: Vibrant, well-aged, good balance, easy to drink

The Glenturret’s new limited edition malt celebrates century old “tail” of 16 men and a dog

The Glenturret’s new limited edition malt celebrates century old “tail” of 16 men and a dog