News / Weekly Review to 1st February 2015

03/02/2015 Weekly Review to 1st February 2015

Bowmore 16Time for this weeks review of everything posted between the 26th January and 1st February, these weekly reviews are something that will be posted every week which will arrive late Sunday, or early Monday.

The purpose will be to go over the recent reviews, pointing out some of the special ones, and to go over some of the news and releases over the last week (if any).

I've been struck down with a pretty serious case of the cold since Saturday and have no sense of smell so no reviews in the last couple of days, i have some reviews still to post but want to keep them for an upcoming series so taking a little break from the reviews until i feel better.

So this is everything since the last update on the 1st February 2015.

In that time the following 10 reviews (in alphabetic order) have been posted:

Aultmore 21 Year Old
Ballantines Christmas Reserve
Blue Hanger 6th Edition
Bowmore 16yr 1991 Port Matured
Bowmore 16yr Wine Cask (Cadenhead’s)
Chivas Regal 18 Year Old
Compass Box Great King St Experimental TR-06
The Famous Grouse
Singleton of Dufftown Tailfire
Whyte and Mackay 22 Year Old

This brings the total reviews posted in 2015 so far to 61.

The Bowmore 16yr 1991 Port Matured really is a bit special, lots of light heathery, mossy, floral smoke twists with foam bananas orange peel and damson jam, the port maturation has given this a real thick fruity jammy nose that is right up my street, the palate adds meaty (sweet and sour chicken) and burnt toast notes to the furity and smoke and the finish is treacley and thick like cough medicine.

This is the type of dram I would pick up and happily sit and sip every night for the next 10 years, it's a fabulously fruity dram with enough smoke to make it interesting without overpowering it.

Glendronach B11This week seen the 900th review posted to the blog as I aim to hit 1,000 reviews before my birthday in May this looks like it culd possibly now happen.

In the news this week Glendronach release their latest batch (batch 11) of Single Cask bottlings, the complete list is below but the 1971 43 year PX is held up as a highlight

The full list -

1971 cask # 2920 / 43 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 48.6% vol. 
1990 cask # 1020 / 24 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 53.8% vol.
1990 cask # 1162 / 24 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 52.9%vol. 
1994 cask # 54 / 20 years old / Oloroso Sherry Butt / 56.6% vol.
1994 cask # 3201 / 20 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 56.2% vol.
1994 cask # 3386 / 20 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 53.6% vol.
1995 cask # 538 / 19 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 55.0% vol.
1995 cask # 4941 / 19 years old / Oloroso Sherry Puncheon / 57.0% vol.
1996 cask # 244 / 18 years old / Oloroso Sherry Butt / 56.9% vol. 

Glendronach B11Also in the news this week was the release of this fabulous sounding anCnoc 1975 Vintage (which just so happens to be the same age as me) and thus when it's priced at £300 a bottle why i'm utterly excited also.

The official tasting notes are -

Nose: Rich and inviting. Waves of spicy dried fruit and creamy vanilla sweetness are accentuated by candied orange peel, green apple freshness and just a hint of cut flowers. This is a rare example of a very mature dram displaying in equal measures its robustness, liveliness and the unique Distillery character. 

Taste: Full-bodied, intense and complex. Fruit cake, sticky toffee and seasoned leather are followed by signature notes of honey and lemons, leading eventually to a long, mouth-watering finish full of vibrant spice and earthy raisin sweetness. 

Now doesn't that just sound like heaven to you too