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24/10/2015 Looking for Japanese Whisky?

Dekanta Feature Sales of Japanese Whisky are having a major turn for the good, with our recent article even noting that Karuizawa, for example, has increased by 66.05% at the half year point (of 2015), outperforming any other single malt Scotch brand.

This will have been helped in no small matter by the awarding of the Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2013 as “Whisky of the Year” in Jim Murrays 2014 Whisky Bible.

To that end whisky collectors, and those who buy their whisky to drink, are looking for more places to find that exclusive or elusive bottling, or simply that bottling that isn’t available in their home market.

In June 2015 Dekanta entered the marketplace, offering the largest and most varied stock of rare and old Japanese whisky, and premium Scottish Whisky originally made only for the Japanese market. Dekanta also offers some newer categories of Japanese whisky and brands unknown outside Japan

Dekanta not only offers these bottles, with worldwide shipping, but also is a great website to read and research, offering distillery information, news and blogs on top brands, new releases, Japanese whisky fact and figures and the latest whisky news from Japan, all in English.

Featuring secure payment methods, including all major cards and Paypal, and striving to provide excellent customer service Dekanta is a family owned business looking to increase the awareness of Japanese whisky throughout the world.

Many of the bottles available through Dekanta have never been available for sale outside Japan until now.

If Japanese whisky is your thing, or even if it isn’t yet, you really should check out Dekanta for some rare and interesting bottles for your collection or drinking shelf.