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12/01/2013 A Real Taste of Scotland

I like a fair few things but the things really close to my heart are Whisky, Photography and Food so being able to combine any of them always makes me smile.

I like my food a lot though and had an idea in my head that i wanted to try some whisky influenced food so decided to chat to the very friendly chaps at John Lawson Butchers in Uphall where i pick up my butcher meat requirements. We chatted for a while about the fact i fancied some sausages with a whisky influence until we managed to come up with the ideal Beef, Haggis and WHisky Sausages idea.

Beef haggis and whisky sausages

The guys were more than willing to try making them for me so after new year i popped in with a bottle of Talisker 10 Year old to be added to the mix. Talisker is a little smoky and spicy so i thought it would be a brilliant addition to the sausages and i certainly wasn't wrong.

These sausages made using local beef (from Johns brother Russels farm a few miles along the road near Bathgate), Haggis and Talisker really do shine and i'm so glad i bought a supply of them.

Id certainly recommend trying this and if you need a butcher the guys at John Lawson Butchers come very highly recommended and can be found also on Facebook and Twitter.