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22/10/2013 Toms Christmas Suggestion List 2013

With only around 10 weeks until Christmas and all of us with children having mostly received their Santas List it's about time the adults got to pick what they would like Old St Nick to pop in their Christmas Stockings.

Here's a few suggestions that you can add to your Santa list and hope that the Jolly fella gets it right this year (or even just point your partner to this page and say - thats my wish list! it's all worth trying)

Bunnahabhain 2004 - The MacPhail's CollectionBunnahabhain 2004 - The MacPhail's Collection

A Christmas Whisky should be rich, sherried, chocolatey and have a finish that lingers with gentle warmth and thats exactly what this cracking Bunnahabhain 2004 from The MacPhail's Collection does brilliantly well.

Bunnahbhain is one of those distilleries that really works the sherried whisky and comes out with lots of fruity chocolatey notes and with Gordon & MacPhails choice in casks this really is a brilliant dram.

Exceptional value for money from The Green Welly Stop at only £20.60 so why not add in a pack of 9 Whisky Stones for those who like ice in their dram but don't want it watered down.

Big Peat Xmas Edition 2013 Big Peat Xmas 2013

Big Peat is a dram that can be enjoyed at anytime of the year, but it's especially good over the cold dark winter months as a winter warmer, keeping the cold at bay and this Big Peat Christmas Edition (2013) is no different.

This is the third such Christmas edition, the packaging on each of the others changing slightly, and it yet again contains some of the best peaty whisky on the market today. I've had a wee sneak peak at this and will be picking up a bottle for a proper review soon but if you want a peaty whisky from Santa you really should have this bad boy on your Christmas List.

In demand already you can pick up a bottle of this Cask Strength Bad Boy from The Whisky Barrel for £44.96

Master of Malt Xmas Advent Calendar The Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition)

This one isn't really a Christmas Gift idea but more a bit of fun on the lead up to Christmas, no more Chocolate overdoses with this brilliant whisky advent calendar.

This brilliant idea from the brilliant minds at Master of Malt is for a very grown up advent calendar, featuring 24 windows, behind each one of which lies a 30ml whisky sample, a fantastic daily treat for the lead up to Christmas.

Available in 2 versions, the The Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition) for £149.95 and The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition) for £249.95 both of which will contain a fantastic array of whiskies for you to enjoy on the run up to christmas.

Tomatin Hungarian Oak 14 Year Old
Tomatin 1999 Royal Mile Whiskies Hungarian Oak

I reviewed this cracker from Tomatin and the guys at Royal Mile Whiskies not that long ago and was blown away with it, it's a real steal at £59.95 for various reasons. 1. there's not much single cask Tomatin out there and especially not much that is bottled officially and with their support. 2. Royal Mile Whiskies have a habit of picking up some brilliant drams for their exclusives and this is no different.

This is a top notch dram that would sit well on anyones drinking shelf and deserves the time a cold winters night by the fireplace will give it.

Drop passed Royal Mile Whiskies and hand them £59.95 of your hard earned cash, it will be worth it i promise.

Glen Moray 25 Year Old Portwood FinishGlen Moray 25 Year Old Port Wood Finish

This bad boy is not in the budget market, as at £140 or so a bottle it's at the top end or out of many peoples budgets, but this dram is one that if you can find it, and can afford it, that you should have in your whisky collection.

Super smooth, filled with fresh ripe dark fruits and whole lot of care and attention this superbly packaged dram is worthy or displaying in any collection, but it really should be one that you're sitting sipping on reminiscing of the good times over the last 12 months, and certainly one that should be shared with only your very best of friends.

Drop by Abbey Whisky and grab your bottle for £142.44 before Santas elves have taken it all for themselves.

Benromach Origins 4 Port WoodBenromach Origins Batch 4 (Port Pipes)

I've always been a fan of Port, especially at Christmas, so not only do i tend to like port finished or matured whiskies normally i think they make great Christmas drams and thus why i'm recommending this Benromach Origins Batch 4 (Port Pipes).

Matured for 10 years in a Port Pipe this bad boy I am hoping (i've got a bottle but not opened it yet) will be what Christmas means to me in a bottle, relaxing, a little smoky (who doesnt like a cigar at christmas) and with all those wonderful fruity notes from port.

For those that like things a little interesting this dram is also limited in quantity and there are a couple of other drams in their origins range you could check out.

Priced for people to buy at only £39.34 from Scotch Whisky Express this will be my Christmas Day Whisky this year.

Glen Garioch 1999 / Sherry CaskGlen Garioch 1999 Vintage Sherry Cask Matured

I recently reviewed this brilliant whisky and i can only describe it as a brilliant winter warming dram, the sherry influence has given this enough fruit and spice to let it work as your Christmas Cake dessert substitute with any meal and it's the kind of dram you want to be wearing your smoking jacket and slippers to be sitting sipping by the open fire.

If you want to buy a dram for Christmas that just tastes like Christmas in a glass, you can't go far wrong with this one.

Priced at £56.95 at The Whisky Exchange this should be on your Christmas List Now.