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01/02/2014 The Blog is Being Taken Over by #GinMonth

Martin Millers Gin So i drink and review whisky a lot, that was and in the main purpose of this website and keeping the notes for myself as a reference, however whisky isnt my only drink. I love cider and have began to taste some Rum's that arre very nice but my other main love is Gin.

It's an odd one that started with the Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Gin and went from there and i love a Gin and Tonic so for the month of February, in addition to whisky reviews, i'm also going to attempt to post a gin review every day of the month. This i am calling #GinMonth.

I've got a selection of Gin at home which has been joined by some samples from some lovely Gin producers (whom i will thank individually when i post the reviews) and some friends who have sent me samples also.

To the whisky lovers, there will still be Whisky reviews appearing this month, but there will also be a lot of information about Gin.

You have been fairly warned :)