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Glenuntitled 100 Day old Spirit Sample Review

Glenturret 10 Year Old I've not been doing this blogging malarky for long but i've already made some very good friends from my time doing it and spending time talking about whisky on Twitter.

That's how i became aware of David and some of the work he was doing, his blog (featured here) is a great read and when he offered to let me try some of his mini cask whisky spirit (not 3 years old so not technically whisky) at 100days i jumped at the chance.

David posted more of the story over at his blog Glen Untitled where you can also see some of the back history to the mini cask project and he has really inspired a few others to try the same, myself included if i can get some new make spirit.

in the meantime i'll be following his blog and this work on casks which have previously held Mead with interest.

Tasting Notes & Details


woody, sap like, fruity, powerful, touch of honey and a lot of cocoa


surprising not as young as it should be, woody with lots of punch, cocoa and acetone with fruit


Tingly, new wood, smooth

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Glenuntitled 100 Day old Spirit Sample
Age: 0
ABV: 60.00
Distiller: Glenuntitled
Bottler: Glenuntitled
Type: Spirit Drink
From: Scotland, Lowland
Posted: 04/07/2012 by Tom

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