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Laphroaig 2005 Warehouse Cask 127 Review

Laphroaig Warehouse CaskBack in the early days of my whisky drinking career one of the big whiskies i got into was Laphroaig, so much so that after receiving a bottle for a Christmas Present from my wife i used the code inside to join their Friends of Laphroaig scheme.

That was Christmas 1997 and my membership was validated and i became an official Friend of Laphroaig on 21st January 1998, 17 years ago today.

Over at Laphroaig it is possible to do the Water to Whisky Experience Tour which also includes samples from 3 different warehouse casks and the ability to bottle 250ml of your favourite, Johnnie (@JohnnieStumbler) from the The Nosing Arse blog has done and has sent me this little sample.

This is the 2005 Warehouse Cask 127 which i found really quite jammie and sweet, with wine gums and old fashioned sweet shop sweets, an abaolutely cracking dram.

I really need to head back to Islay and do the Water to Whisky Experience tour at Laphroaig to try all of these casks and get the 250ml bottles to myself.

Tasting Notes & Details


There's quite a bit of earthy smoke then huge swathes of sweet and sticky jammie and fruit pudding and edinburgh rock chalkyness with fruity powdery Bon bons from a traditional sweet shop with wine gums also, it really is very sweet


Sweet but with an antiseptic ointment tang, bitter lemons and Edinburgh rock with earthy chalky smoke and honey roast carrots and potatoes


Sweet and chalky smoky Edinburgh rock and wine gums

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Laphroaig 2005 Warehouse Cask 127
Age: 2005 Vintage
ABV: 59.20
Distiller: Laphroaig
Bottler: Laphroaig
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay
Posted: 21/01/2015 by Tom

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