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Mortlach 75 Year Old (Gordon and MacPhail Generations) Review

Mortlach 75 Year Old (Gordon and MacPhail Generations) Sometimes things happen that make you take a double take or really blow you mind and this is one of them after being unable to make the launch event I was luckily sent a sample of this whisky from 1939.

This is 75 years old, let's just take that in, this was distilled in 1939, that's pre WWII and is 35 years older than me, that's just crazy and makes you rethink what's possible.

Only 100 decanters of this liquid are available to buy and they cost £20,000 each, but then this is the oldest matured whisky I've ever seen bottled (please let me know if there's any liquid matured for over 75 years out there that I don't know about).

This is genuinely for me a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to sample this whisky.

Oh wow this is delicious, it's not what I was expecting, I thought it would be like a beastly meaty mortlach with heavy sawdust notes and powerful sherry notes but it's lighter and more forgiving.

There's gentle smoke in here that's like catching the whiff of last nights bonfire, it's got sugary sweetness and bitter rhubarb and tangy orange peel, this is definitely an experience I'm glad I had.

Tasted blind I'm unsure if I would guess anywhere near this old for the whisky, and blind I wouldn't value it as £20,000 a bottle but knowing the heritage and the work that's gone into keeping this dram safe I think it's definitely worth every penny and if I had the cash I'd have a bottle sitting next to me now.

Thanks to Gordon & MacPhail for the chance to try this exceptional whisky.

Tasting Notes & Details


The nose begins with that sweet note from newly polished mahogany furniture, woody but sweet, fruity notes of rhubarb crumble, with that sweet Demerara sugary topping, and the sweet but tarte rhubarb, light syrupy notes, there's also a gentle whiff of light bonfire smoke as you pull the glass away from your nose. As its left in the glass more of the light bonfire smoke emerges and comes through on the nose.


Tangy rather than spicy, orange peel bitterness but without the citrus notes you expect from oranges, Demerara sugar and bonfire toffees, treacle scones, puff candy and more crumble topping, waxy but light at the same time, the bonfire smoke comes and goes bouncing in and out of the palate like its playing peek-a-boo.


The rhubarb crumble re appears with a tangy orange peel and puff candy and it's still there a minute or two after you swallow, gently warming and full of sweetness and a puff of smoke.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Mortlach 75 Year Old (Gordon and MacPhail Generations)
Age: 75
ABV: 44.40
Distiller: Mortlach
Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland
Posted: 10/11/2015 by Tom

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