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Henneys Vintage Herefordshire Still Cider 2014 Review

Henneys Vintage Herefordshire Still Cider 2014 Another new cider producer for next this is Henneys and their Vintage Herefordshire Still Cider 2014.

This is much more like the type of cider I want to drink, thick and juicy, a mix of both sweet and tarte notes. The tarte elements really work well though, tangy and drying but sweet enough to keep my attention.

An all rounder this would work well in the summer as a refresher, maybe over ice, and in the winter I could almost see this heated up.

Lovely stuff and one I will seek out more of for sure.

Tasting Notes & Details


Lots of lovely sweet treacley notes, like candy or toffee apples, then that still cloudy apple juice note, quite strong and almost bitter, but there is that treacley, toffee note also.


Sweet and tangy, the treacle has gone and the sweetness has become much more fruit sugary, tangy apples, almost sour apple sweets, hints of yoghurt coming through also.


Tangy apples, quite drying though and long lasting

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Henneys Vintage Herefordshire Still Cider 2014
Age: NAS
ABV: 6.50
Distiller: Henneys
Bottler: Henneys
Type: Cider
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 30/11/2015 by Tom

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