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Blind Pig Whiskey Honey and Apple Cider Review

Blind Pig Whiskey Honey and Apple Cider I'm all for interesting, sweet, and tasty cider and cider based drinks so when I seen this Blind Pig Whiskey Honey and Apple Cider in the supermarket i just had to pick up a bottle to give it a try, and well... it said Whiskey too!

This is an interesting cider, as it's not really all that Cider like, it's sweet, and has this real cough mixture, Covonia, like taste and finish, like thick honeyed and soothing, it's a bit weird, maybe a little too weird even for me.

Drinkable though and there is a definite toffee apple note, so if you like toffee apples and cough mixture this might be right up your street.

If you want to try this you can grab a bottle from your local supermarket or places like Drinks Supermarket

Tasting Notes & Details


the honey comes through first, really strong on the honey, then apples, sweet fresh apple juice, a tang of toffee apples, a twist of some sweet Demerara sugar also.


Sweet toffee apples, then it goes like cough medicine and I can't get passed it, it's totally like drinking thin cough medicine


Cough medicine

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Blind Pig Whiskey Honey and Apple Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 5.50
Distiller: Blind Pig Cider
Bottler: Blind Pig Cider
Type: Cider
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 24/11/2016 by Tom

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