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Sheep Dip 1999 Amoroso Oloroso Review

Sheep Dip 1999 Amoroso Oloroso I like new things, shiny things and stuff thats a little bit different so yesterday was a good day when i visted the newly opened Ellies Cellar in Linlithgow to pick up an unusual bottle of (kind of) whisky in the Sheep Dip 1999 Amoroso Oloroso.

Ellies Cellar is a lovely drinks specialist which has ppened in the historic town of Linlithgow (just a 10 min drive from me) and has a full range of wines, beers (ciders) and spirits. Their whisky collection is very good and very reasonably priced so as they had only opened the day before it was worth a wee visit.

I'd noticed on their facebook page that they had in stock the Sheep Dip 1999 Amoroso Oloroso and i really fancied trying it so it was worth a visit to pick up a bottle.

A wee trip later and a good blether with the friendly and informative staff and i leave the shop with my purchase.

So what is Sheep Dip 1999 Amoroso Oloroso, well it was whisky as originally it started life as a 3 year old blended whisky which was transferred to a sherry cask. The cask was then initialy meant to be sent to Spain to lie for 2 years in a spanish warehouse. The company in Spain, however, went bust and it lay for a total of 9 years until 2012 whereupon it was rediscovered.

Sheep Dip 1999 AMoroso Oloroso

Now the EU/SWA laws, rules and regulations mean that as this was matured outwith Scotland it cannot be called Scotch Whisky but we all know it actually is. The maturation period of 9 years is said, because of the Spanish heat, to be the equivalent of 18 years in Scotland.

This is a very very interesting dram, and one i'd highly recommend that you source and try.

You could always try one of the Ellies Cellar shops and can even chat to them on Facebook and Twitter.

Tasting Notes & Details


Vanilla Loads of Sweetness, fruity, reminds me of a "lemonade ice cream drink" or a "morgans spiced and lemonade" lemony, inticing, smells "thick" a bit like a liqueur


Fruitcake with vanilla custard with the vanilla pods still in it, HUGE vanilla hit, super sweet and very very moreish


Pleasant, warming, vanilla, I want more

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Sheep Dip 1999 Amoroso Oloroso
Age: 12
ABV: 41.80
Distiller: Spencerfield Spirits
Bottler: Spencerfield Spirits
Type: Blend
From: Scotland / Spain, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 29/09/2012 by Tom

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