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Black Friday 2018 Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky (The Whisky Exchange) Review

Elk Warning With Wild Strawberries Today is Black Friday, the day after the Thanksgiving Celebrations in the USA, and it's known for massive queues in the shops with people falling over themselves to buy a TV that the shop are trying to punt as no-one was buying it, or old outdated tech that everyone thinks is a bargain, but up steps The Whisky Exchange to show people how it should be done.

They got the guys and gals at Elixir Distillers to bottle up this Orkney (not too difficult to guess which one) aged 18 years for this years Black Friday bottling and are selling the 1400 bottles of it for under £70 a bottle, now that is something worth getting up at 6am for.

Very obviously from the first sniff, ok reading the bottle i'd have guessed also, which distillery this is but it's not the usual distillery bottlings soaked in sherry and making it overly sweet and taking away and real hint of character, it oozes class on the nose and packs a rough whallop on the palate.

This is exactly the type of dram I like, intriguing and inviting on the nose and huge flavours on the palate that make you sniff the nose again for 10 minutes to make sure you weren't imagining things after every sip.

If you can, grab one, this review goes live at the same time as the whisky gets released, so hopefully you might have a chance to grab one before they inevitably sell out.

Grab it now at The Whisky Exchange

Tasting Notes & Details


Initial thoughts are that this is quite tame on the nose, gentle saline notes, salty seashells that you found in your pocket after a day at the beach with the kids, it grows as it sits in the glass though and some gentle wood burning stove notes come in next then a touch of heather and bracken. A swirl of the glass brings out a touch of something fruity underneath, maybe a light greengage or other bittersweet fruit skins.


Ooooft where did that come from!!! Huge coal smoke and a blast of freshly ground black pepper assault your palate first ,then it calms down and heather honey comes out and kisses everything better, the second sip the assault isnt as ferocious but it's still kicking and screaming, a tang of peat soaked fizzy sweets has appeared also and theres something tropical hiding in the background.


Heather honey and tropical fruit juice coated coal bricks

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Black Friday 2018 Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky (The Whisky Exchange)
Age: 18
ABV: 54.60
Distiller: The Whisky Exchange
Bottler: The Whisky Exchange
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands
Posted: 23/11/2018 by Tom

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