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Glenkinchie 1987 (Wm Cadenheads Authentic Collection) Review

Glenkinchie 1987 (Wm Cadenheads Authentic Collection) I was having a bit of a grump at the weekend about the fact that we don't seem to get many independent bottlings of distilleries like Glenkinchie when it reminded me I had 100ml of this from a fairly recent bottle share still to crack into so it was time to hunt it out.

Distilled in 1987, which is a huge year for me as it was the year I started high school, and bottled at 28 years old in April of 2016 as part of the Wm Cadenheads Authentic Collection and a bottle that was picked up and shared between a number of us whisky drinking friends.

This is one of those seriously interesting whiskies that you really wish you had many more examples of, fruity, dusty, spicy and able to be described in weird metaphor (yeah I know picnic at a riverbank is bonkers but hopefully you get where I was coming from with that one?

This is right up my street, it's an old friend of a dram, comforting, familiar and very tasty, it has a great deal of flavour going for it and I'm gutted that due to a lack of lowland whiskies we don't see many, if any, independent examples from this distillery, or really any high strength or single cask versions from the owners themselves either.

I doubt this will be available to buy in a shop anywhere, but if you see it at auction then snap it up, fast, before indie bottlings of Glenkinchie disappear completely into the sunset.

Tasting Notes & Details


Oh what an enticing and interesting nose this has! There's a touch of sweet citrus peels, in fact make that candied citrus peels, a hint of that old dunnage warehouse dustiness and splash of wax furniture polish mixed with menthol lozenge, some long grassy notes and a note that reminds me of picnics at the riverbank, so wet air, sweet food like notes.


That dunnage warehouse note is still there at first, with a dusty layer over waxed lemon peel, then a touch of heat arrives in the form of Jalapeno Chilli Jam, sweet and sticky but with a nip to the tongue, vanilla infused sugar and more of those wet air notes mix with the menthol again


the jalapeno jam sticks around for a while and the menthol waves in and out for quite some time.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Glenkinchie 1987 (Wm Cadenheads Authentic Collection)
Age: 1987 Vintage
ABV: 53.30
Distiller: Glenkinchie
Bottler: Wm Cadenhead
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Lowland
Posted: 20/02/2019 by Tom

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