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Bunnahabhain 8 Year Old Moine cask No 3660 2nd Fill Sherry Fill Your Own Review

Bunnahabhain 8 Year Old Moine cask No 3660 2nd Fill Sherry Fill Your Own Bottling Back in the mid 1990s (around 93-97) when i was working across the road from Royal Mile Whiskies and beginning my love of whisky by buying as much of it as i could, the Bunnahabhain 12 was my first experience of an Islay whisky, but back then it didn't taste like one.

Bunnahabhain 12 in those days if tasted blind 99.9999% of people would have swore blind it was a Speysider, with gorgeous sherried sweetness, hints of honey and a huge amount of milk chocolate the general tasting notes, but not one would have said "smoky" or "peaty".

Nowadays theres a definite hint of peatiness in their whiskies, including the 12, and some, which bear the text Moine, on them, are most definitely peaty. This dram comes from their fill you own casks at the distillery and has most definitely got a peaty streak.

BBQ'd notes, meaty for sure, with chocolate still on the palate and nose but it's gone all dark and not the same light creamy milk chocolate that the 12 used to provide. Thers pipe smoke from old english blends on the palate and finish and this is a very different beast to those drams i was drinking 25 or so years ago.

I loved the old Bunnahabhain 12 and i love this! They are different ends of the spectrum and i love how the distillery can do that and produce different gorgeous drams at either end of the spectrum.

Pop over to islay and pick up some dill your own at the distillery yourself.

Tasting Notes & Details


Well there's no denying that theres some peat in this dram thats for sure, sticky bbq'd ribs (bbq smoke not bbq sauce) slight burning rubber element before juicy prunes and dried apricots, dark chocolate truffles and some creamy white coffee


Ok well thats a bit interesting! I was expecting it to be hotter, on the basis of 60.9% abv, but it's not really and actually pretty drinkable as is, lots of bbq meats and sweet and sticky sauce, dark chocolate covered raisins dipped in cappuchino, some gentle tobacco leaf notes that reminds me a little of pipe smoke (old english blends).


Pipe tobacco, dark chocolate raisins, yum

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Bunnahabhain 8 Year Old Moine cask No 3660 2nd Fill Sherry Fill Your Own
Age: 8
ABV: 60.90
Distiller: Bunnahabhain
Bottler: Bunnahabhain
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay
Posted: 01/03/2019 by Tom

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