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Dailuaine 4 Year Old Strictly Limited (Carn Mor) Review

Dailuaine 4 Year Old Strictly Limited (Carn Mor) I like it when whisky companies have the balls (sorry I know that’s not entirely PC but it’s the best term for it) to put the age of a young whisky. Not many do it, mainly independents when they are or bottles like Kilchoman who did this for some time.

4 year old!! Who would bottle a 4 year old whisky especially when its from a distillery that’s been going for way longer than that. But Morrison Mackay definitely like to play with our emotions and bottle a number of bottles at a fairly young age like 6 or 7 but a 4 year old is even interesting for them.

Initial notes on the nose tell me that this isn't a 4 year old whisky, it has lots of the qualities of an older whisky has in terms of flavour, theres a buttered popcorn note hiding in the background of the nose and its there again on the palate along with a deep meatiness that really works well with it.

I know many will find this a little hot and rough around the edges, but it's definitely worth trying to be sure that you arent just pushing things away for no reason. I like it, find it really quite interesting and although it probably wouldn't be the first whisky I aimed to pick up, I'd certainly try again and again.

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Thanks to Drinks by the Dram for the 2018 Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar that this was part of.

Tasting Notes & Details


I keep looking at the label on this which says 4 years and then sniffing and going no way! theres a lovely sweet tropical fruit note, rough pineapple skin, dusty and with dunnage warehouse woody notes, meaty (notes of jamon and pruscetto) along with a touch of buttered popcorn & floral notes that finally give away that youthfulness.


That pineapple skin is there again and more of the popcorn and dust notes, hints of acetone and more of that meatiness, quite hot across the palate also


Hot, really hot, with odd sweetness and hints of nutmeg and oak.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Dailuaine 4 Year Old Strictly Limited (Carn Mor)
Age: 4
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Dailuaine
Bottler: Morrison & Mackay
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside
Posted: 18/03/2019 by Tom

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