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Bimber Single Malt New Make Spirit batch No 094 Review

Bimber Single Malt New Make Spirit batch No 094 Bimber, a distillery many will not yet have heard of, was set up in Park Royal in London in 2015, they began with some Vodka in early 2016 before going on to make single malt spirit later in the year in their two alembic stills (Doris & Astraea).

Bimber is named after the Polish word for moonshine, a nod to the founders heritage and something I find a nice touch.

This new make spirit is at 63.5% which is the standard percentage ABV that most Scotch whisky distilleries cask their whisky at and so I will definitely be sampling with a touch of water also.

New make spirit is always quite an interesting thing to try, there's usually a youthful buttered popcorn note and floral or malty notes and this is no exception. It's a really tasty drink and i can understand how in some countries this is available and consumed as is (basically as Schnapps).

This is definitely worth a try and shows some very interesting potential, it is all now down to the casks it will be distilled in.

You can try this yourself by buying a £5 miniature direct from the distillery at their online shop

Thanks to Bimber for the official samples

Tasting Notes & Details


This has that note that I get from all new make spirit which i can only describe as gentle buttered popcorn, some tropical fruit um bongo notes, a touch of malt loaf and those malt strips you used to get as a kid, a hint of all bran straight from the box also.


Much richer and less flowery than i was expecting, those malt strips and malt loaf are back, there is a delicious juicy tropical note, lychees and honeydew melon, maybe a touch of plantain and a rich bready note, white bread with the crusts removed.


Long, hot (expected) and that white bread and malt strips keep going.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Bimber Single Malt New Make Spirit batch No 094
Age: 0
ABV: 63.50
Distiller: Bimber
Bottler: Bimber
Type: Spirit Drink
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 25/03/2019 by Tom

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